Infrastructure @ AM

​At AtomMech we focus on having best infrastructure for training ,research done on New Product development  , 3D scanning , 3D Printing and Strain Gauge Measurement.

​​Training @ AM

At AtomMech , training on CAD software starts from basic hand drawing / drafting for better understanding the purpose of 2D Drawings and to correlate the drawings skills developed during the course work in BE and the industrial requirements. 


CAD/CAM/CAE services


  • New product design and development

  • Jigs and fixture

  • Press tool design

  • Mould design

  • Die casting design

  • GD&T TRAINING AND services

  • Tolerance stack-up analysis

  • FE analysis

  • Meshing (Shell , tetra and Hex )

  • Concept development

  • Prototyping and testing

  • Academic projects